Double Force trademark is a property of DFT (UK). DFT history begins in the 60-s of the XIX century in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. In those years Berkhamsted was a connecting link in a growing network of roads, canals and railways in England.

The company was originally founded under name Raven's Lane Manufactory and specialized on equipment for construction of barges, which were used for transportation of goods via canals of the British Isles. Rapid development of railways, and later of motor transport, led to a change in company’s focus. Starting from 1921, Raven’s Lane Manufactory has been known as DFT, which is an abbreviation for Department For Transport.

Following development of technologies, DFT on a yearly basis manufactures top products for car industry, including braking and cooling system components, transmission and suspension components, filters, and electric equipment. Headquarter of DFT department responsible for development of car components is located in Caterham, Surrey, UK

DFT orders manufacturing of the products at more than 60 facilities located in UK, EU countries, Japan, South Korea and China. All facilities that are owned or contracted by DFT are accredited to comply with quality management systems standards including ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 9004:2009, and with industrial standard ISO/TS 16949:2009 for ОЕМ products. All facilities use a common DFT engineering database.