DFT represents world-class technologies and products. Our aim is to improve control and safety on roads while reducing environmental impact.

“Force Inside” – this is how we describe products manufactured by DFT under Double Force label. Regardless of where DFT working group is located globally, we succeed because of our traditional quality, high-level engineering and attention to customers’ needs. As a result, we confidently claim ourselves as a reliable partner and supplier of car components to whom you can trust. DFT philosophy directs our corporative activities, ensuring that both professional market majors and common car owners trust us.

Reliability of car components is crucial for driving safety. This is why there are no little things for DFT: all aspects of development and manufacturing are of equal importance for us.

DFT has short-, medium- and long-term “road maps” for investigation and development. Working in the industry of internal combustion engines, today we outline the future prospects – the world of cars with environmentally safe engines on electric or pure chemical energy.