Shock absorbers

Gas and oil shock absorbers, supplied Double Force ensure comfortable and safe handling of a dynamic vehicle under any road conditions. Advantages of Double Force branded products are:

Effective dumping force. Double Force oil and gas shock absorbers provide effective dumping under any road and traffic conditions, due to the unique valve mechanism and hydraulic oil with low foamability. Wear-resistant seals and rubber bushings have low friction level and high flexibility at low temperatures.

Our products comply with international standards. An updated design of the cylinder, piston rod and rubber bushing provides improved dumping performance. Piston rod surface roughness is less than 0,08 micron, which supports stabile and reliable operation of the shock absorber during the whole lifespan.

Factory quality control. Automatic welding guarantees perfect product quality. Every shock absorber is thoroughly inspected for leaks and correct body shape.

Guaranteed mileage. Manufacturer guarantees high-quality performance of all shock absorbers’ main details during 12 months since the moment of installation or 60 000 km mileage.

Flawless performance under any weather conditions. Double Force shock absorbers retain their efficiency at temperatures from -45⁰ C to +80⁰C due to the use of hydraulic oil with increased viscosity index

Tested in real conditions. Double Force shock absorbers can withstand 3 000 000 operating cycles fully preserving their efficiency and effectiveness. Seal and valve system operational life is 5 million cycles.