CV Joint

Constant-velocity joint (CV joint) is used in steering wheel drive system for passenger cars with independent suspension and in front wheel drive system in some SUVs. Double Force produces inner and outer CV joint units for a wide variety of car models, including European, Japanese and American brands.

Features of Double Force CV Joints

Complete package

Double Force CV joint is supplied with dust cover, lock rings and grease. Molybdenum-based grease prolongs service life of CV joint, possesses excellent antifriction properties and protects the unit against aggressive effects of moisture.

Reliable materials

Double Force CV joints are made of high-alloy steel. Carbonized coating offers additional corrosion resistance and prolonged service life. Rockwell hardness of Double Force CV joint working parts is 58-62 HRC, which is close to that of Damascus steel.

Double Force dust covers produced from novel neoprene efficiently protect CV joint against moisture and abrasive effects of dust and sand. Requisite operating temperature range for Double Force CV joint dust cover: from -45°C to + 85°C.

Lock rings of stainless steel ensure tight fit of the dust covers over the whole service life.

Comfortable and safe driving

Rolling elements of Double Force CV joints are produced at facilities that manufacture products for Japanese and Korean world-recognized brands, such as... Modern high-precision production lines allow us to achieve uncompromised quality. This results in smooth and silent operation of Double Force CV joints at any driving conditions, whether it be highway or off-road driving – even at highest speed.

Recommended run

100,000 km. 

Optimal design and control

For any car model, Double Force CV joints represent best of design solutions at OEM level.

Each batch of Double Force CV joints undergoes mandatory ultrasonic fault detection. Sustainability of performance characteristics of the most stressed device components are continuously monitored by means of metallographic analysis of samples.

Double Force CV joint manufacturing facilities are accredited to comply with quality management systems standards including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9004:2009, ISO/TS 16949:2009.